Records and Results

2020 Elections

On this page you will find official records, documents and results for the 2020 Elections. In addition, our office has provided data in the interest of transparency which you may access below.

For information on processing of the election results, visit the Election Results Process page.

Ballot Image Audit and Review Tool 2020 General Election

This Ballot Image Audit and Review tool allows the public to view, sort, filter, and download ballot images from the 2020 General Election. All users will need to register with a valid email address and password to create a user profile before gaining access to the tool. For questions regarding this tool contact our Elections Department 719-575-VOTE (8683).

Click here to access the Ballot Image Audit and Review tool.

Click here to access the Ballot Audit Review Tool Frequently Asked Questions.

Public Ballot Image Sample 2020 General Election

Ballots from the 2020 General Election are available for comparison digitally. You can verify the accuracy of the recorded vote by comparing it to the voted ballot. All ballots are anonymous, there are no identifying marks. This sample is being provided as the most convenient way for the public to access ballot images.

Individuals who want all ballot images from the 2020 General Election must provide a minimum 200GB capacity external hard drive, sealed in its original packaging is required; USB powered is preferred. Please submit your request, along with the delivery of the required hard drive to Karl Nordstrom, Turnaround time to download the images onto the hard drive, depending on request demand will be two to three business days.

The files that are included with this package are:

  • Approximately 5,000-6,000 ballot images
  • Entire Cast Vote Record (2020General_CVR_Public.xlsx)
  • Result summaries for all races (ie. 10-1 Results Summary.pdf)
  • Ballot level Biden/Trump results for each batch (ie. Tab10_BatchResults.xlsx)
  • Some ballots may be missing or in a PDF format. These ballots required redaction or removal to follow statutory requirements maintaining voter anonymity (C.R.S. § 24-72-205.5(4)(b)(III),(IV)).

Suggested audits are hand count and comparison:

  • Hand count would best utilize the summary result reports as they work with batch totals.
  • Comparison audit would require the use of the Cast Vote Record (CVR) and ballot level batch results. This allows the user to make ballot-to-ballot comparisons between the images and digital record.
  • When auditing, it is important to be aware of the third page that accompanies the ballot image. This is the audit record that shows the votes tallied by the system, if any adjudication was required and the result of adjudication.

Disclaimer: The El Paso County Clerk & Recorder’s Office remains the statutory custodian of the original official record of physical and digital ballots (C.R.S. § 24-72-205.5.(4)(b)(I)). El Paso County is not responsible for any action taken to alter these ballot images upon release to the public.

By clicking this link for access to the data, the zip file will download. This is a large file.

2020 General Election Records and Results

Conducted November 3, 2020


El Paso County passed the post-election Risk Limiting Audit, the most robust election audit in the country. The statistical sophistication of this audit instills confidence in election results. Learn more at the Colorado Secretary of State site.

To view Results Maps for the 2020 General Election click here.

Results Maps include: Amendments, Issues/Questions, Propositions, County Commissioner Districts, State Senate Districts, State House Districts.

2020 Primary Election Records and Results

Conducted June 30, 2020


2020 Presidential Primary Election Records and Results

Conducted March 3, 2020