Remote Access to Recorded Images and Data



Please note, the information on this page applies to businesses or individuals who do a substantial amount of searches and printing. If you need only an occasional copy, refer to the page Recording Fees under the tab Recorded Documents or email

El Paso County is now making a subscription service available for remote online access to both its recorded images and data. A $50.00 access fee and annual $50.00 renewal fee will allow unlimited viewing of images of recorded documents, not otherwise protected from public access by law or regulation. Customers may also do remote printing of recorded documents for a fee of $0.25 per page. Print fees will be deducted from an escrow account that must be established at time of application. If your organization currently maintains an escrow account with the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Recording Department, you may continue to use your existing account for this purpose.

Images of recorded documents are available online from 1996 through present. We continue to work on expanding our digital data base, and as additional back images are imported, these will also be made available to our subscribers.

Subscribe to Online Services

To subscribe to this online service, complete the Remote Access Licensing Agreement and the Application for Remote Access to Recorded Data & Images . Return both, along with check or money order for the $50.00 access fee and, if required, a separate payment of $100.00 to establish an escrow account.

Please return all to the address shown on the Application. Once received, your organization’s account will be set up and we will contact you with the web address and your user name and password.

For additional information contact