eRecording Setup Design and Procedures

The two options available for eRecording are to create your own in house software to submit directly to El Paso County’s Aumentum recording system, or to utilize one of the submission software vendor products.

The vendor products generally include a minimal software fee and a small transaction fee. Documents are submitted through the vendor’s web based application to any of the counties the vendor is working with. All 64 Colorado counties and well over 1000 jurisdictions nationwide are currently accepting eRecordings.

The setup process with any of these vendor products is very quick and easy. Basically, all it requires is a PC with internet access and a scanner. These vendors have an escrow account established with El Paso County and the recording fees are automatically deducted from this account as documents are recorded. The submitter then makes payment to the vendor. Please refer to the Vendor Contact List below.

A submitter interested in developing its own eRecording software may contact Jimmie Van Buskirk at for more information.

Vendor Contact List

The El Paso County Recording Department currently accepts eRecordings from the following vendors:


Corporate Service Company


eRecording Partners Network