Recognition of the Clerk and Recorder's Office

The Clerk and Recorder’s Office is committed to our customers, our community and our country. We provide professional, efficient service while ensuring our processes are legally compliant. The expertise and skill of our staff is evident by the recognition our office has received. The awards below are indicative of the confidence the public has in the office of the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder.

2019 “Clearie” Award

Presented by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission

In recognition of the innovative Election Judge Video Training program developed and implemented by the Clerk and Recorder’s Election Department in collaboration with the El Paso County Public Information Office. The award is in the category “Best Practices in Recruiting, Retaining and Training Poll Workers.”

Election Judges hired to support the election process must be professional, knowledgeable and with the technical skills and principled character to meet our office’s standards and instill confidence in voters. The video program improved and enhanced the process of recruiting, training and retaining Judges.

It categorizes the Election Judges’ responsibilities into five chapters, consisting of 12 videos. Election staff members applied their experience and knowledge to develop scripts and appeared in the videos. The video training provides Judges a much better comprehension of their duties.

Election Judge Video Training is an effective, innovative tool. It helps to ensure the elections process is fortified by security, accuracy, and transparency as citizens participate in their cherished democratic right to vote.

2017 El Paso County Innovation Award

Presented by the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners – 2018

In recognition of the exemplary leadership of Kelly Lindgren, Motor Vehicle Manager, Mary Bartelson, Chief Deputy/Operations Manager, and Colleen Odermann, Accounting Supervisor (pictured with Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman) in developing and implementing the Colorado MVExpress Kiosk program.

Through their expertise and collaborative coordination with County departments and the vendor ITI the Clerk’s office successfully opened vehicle registration renewal kiosks at four motor vehicle branches. The kiosk program continues the Clerk’s innovative approach to offering enhanced services and professional customer service.

2017 Innovation Award CAR Recipients

2017 Clearie Award Presented to Elections

2017 “Clearie” Award

Presented by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission – 2017

In recognition of the Election Department’s work in improving voting accessibility for persons with disabilities. The award recognizes the Department’s work in leveraging community relationships to expand resources for voters with disabilities.

Our Elections Department partnered with The Independence Center (TIC) in 2016 and 2017 to identify specific challenges to voting accessibility for voters with disabilities. Among improvements to accessibility were TIC training election judges in disability etiquette, open houses to demonstrate how to use election equipment, ASL interpreters available to assist voters, and the Clerk’s Office production of its first ASL-interpreted sample ballot for the 2017 Coordinated Election.

2017 Independence Award

Presented by the Election Center – 2017

In recognition of the partnership between our Office and The Independence Center to guarantee voting accessibility for all citizens in the County. The award is for innovative work in voting accessibility, and in 2016, The Independence Center was set up as the first highly accessible Voter Service & Polling Center in El Paso County.

2016 Achievement Award

Presented to El Paso County by the National Association of Counties (NACo) – 2016

In recognition of the program “Innovation in Election Administration” developed by the Clerk and Recorder’s Elections Department. The NACo Achievement Awards recognize outstanding innovative programs that have been implemented by county governments.

The Elections Department had received a 2015 Innovation Award for the same innovative program (see below). Both the NACo and County Awards reaffirm our office’s commitment to ensuring citizens’ democratic right to vote is unencumbered and further imbues voters with confidence in the election process.

NACo Award to El Paso County 2016
2015 Innovation Award

2015 El Paso County Innovation Award

Presented by the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners – 2016

In recognition of enhancements to election processes developed by the Election Department staff members for the 2015 Coordinated Election.

The result saved taxpayers $189,000 and improved the voter’s experience. The impact will reverberate in elections for years to come.

The Innovation Award distinction is a testament to our staff’s professionalism, knowledge and dedication in conducting fair, transparent, accurate elections.

Seven Seals Award

Presented by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) – 2013

In recognition of the Clerk and Recorder’s Office’s commitment and support of the men and women serving the United States in the National Guard and Reserve.

The Clerk’s Office is diligent in recognizing the unique circumstances of those serving in every branch of the armed forces. We support the military in our processes including motor vehicle registration and voting to ensure they are unencumbered in transacting their business.

Seven Seals Award 2013

National Association of Secretaries of State Medallion Award

Presented by the Colorado Secretary of State – 2012

In recognition of the Election Department staff’s dedication and service to voters during the Waldo Canyon Fire. On the day of the 2012 Primary Election, the fire jumped Queens Canyon and burned homes close to the Citizens Service Center where the Elections Department was counting ballots. The Election staff was ordered to evacuate the building, after the polls closed, with partial results posted. The election process continued at a different location in the following days.