Title Complete Notice

After the dealership or financial organization submits the title work to the Motor Vehicle Office, a Title Complete Notice (white postcard) will be mailed to notify the vehicle owner(s) that the title work has been processed. Credit from plates can be transferred, in office, from another vehicle. You may check the status of your title at https://mydmv.colorado.gov which will indicate if it has been processed.

To plate the vehicle in the office the owner(s) needs current proof of Colorado insurance. One owner must come into the office to show Secure and Verifiable Identification. If the owner cannot come into the office, they may complete a DMV Power of Attorney (DR2175) appointing someone else to process the transaction on their behalf. If transferring plates, the registration for the previous vehicle is required.

Use the State’s calculator to get an estimate of the cost of your registration.

Register for the First Time – Online Option – https://mydmv.colorado.gov
  • Those seeking to transfer from a previously owned vehicle, need to visit one of our offices for service.
Register for the First Time – Phone Option – Call 719-520-6240

You can plate your vehicle conveniently by phone! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Have at least 10 days left on your current temporary permit
  • The owner of the vehicle is required to call and to make the payment
  • If transferring credit, please have the registration for the plates to be transferred from available
  • Proof of current Colorado insurance. Email to motorvehicledept@elpasoco.com attn: “New Registration” or fax to 719-520-7796
  • Additional processing fees will apply
Title Complete Notice Not Received?

If you have not received a Title Complete Notice and your temporary tag is nearing expiration, contact our Motor Vehicle Office, 719-520-6240, or the title clerk at the dealership and ask for the date when the Motor Vehicle Office signed for the paperwork. Then, come into our office with that date, the dealership name, proof of Colorado insurance and Secure and Verifiable Identification to register your vehicle.

If the dealership has not sent the paperwork, you can request an extension of the temporary tag by coming into our office with your proof of Colorado insurance, Secure and Verifiable Identification and purchase order, fees will apply.

Visit your selling dealer to discuss the issuance of an additional temporary tag.