Out-of-State Driver's License Transfer

The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office will assist you in transferring an out-of-state Driver’s License to Colorado. Please read the steps below before visiting our office and bring the correct documentation with you.

For all Driver’s License related questions, please call the Colorado Department of Revenue at (719) 594-8701 or (303) 205-5613 or visit the Colorado Department of Revenue website.

Out-of-State Transfer Requirements at the County Level

  • Out-of-state Driver’s License or ID Permit. Must provide the most recent physical card and cannot be expired more than one year.
  • Full-size state or county certified birth certificate or valid U.S. passport reflecting whole name (no initials).
    1. We cannot accept city certified birth certificates, birth records, hospital certificates, department of health, wallet/pocket sized, or birth abstracts.
    2. No photocopies are accepted.
  • Proof of Social Security Number is required. It will be verified through the Social Security Administration. It can be provided verbally or by presenting one of the documents:
    1. Social Security Card (not laminated or copied).
    2. W-2 (any year and must reflect full Social Security number and be printed out).
    3. 1099 (any year and must reflect full Social Security number and be printed out).
    4. Pay stub (must reflect full Social Security number and be printed out).
  • Two proofs of Colorado residency including your name, address and a statement date within the last year (must be the same address)
    1. No junk mail, bulk mail, credit card offers, personal checks, magazines, handwritten envelopes or forwarding labels.

Legal Name

If your current legal name is different than your legal name at birth, then you must provide a certified copy of the name change document. This can be your marriage license issued in the U.S., divorce decree, legal court name change, or adoption papers.


A military identifier is available to add to any ID, license, or permit. If active duty, please provide your valid Military ID card. If you are a veteran, please provide your retired Military ID card, or a DD214 showing honorable discharge. We cannot accept a VA card.