Persons with Disabilities Parking Privileges

A person applying for a disability placard or license plate may visit any of the El Paso County Motor Vehicle Offices. This transaction also may be done through the mail, for the convenience of those who wish not to come into an office.

Additionally, to obtain a handicapped placard, the applicant may send a representative to the DMV office to drop off the handicap placard application.  If the representative has a Power of Attorney (POA) to act on the applicant’s behalf, he/she can pick up the placard for the applicant.  If no POA is provided, the placard will be mailed to the applicant’s address on record.

For handicapped license plates, either the applicant must be present, or must provide the representative with a POA, to act on their behalf to process the application and pick up the license plate.

Citizens with a “Permanent” disability can sign to self-certify themselves when their placard expires after the third year and the sixth year. For more information, please contact our office at 719-520-6240.

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles provides complete information on disability parking privileges.

The Persons with Disabilities Parking Privileges Application DR 2219 is available online and also at any County Motor Vehicle Office.

The State website offers a Persons with Disabilities Brochure DR 2816 which details the process and requirements to obtain a disability placard or license plate.