License Plates - Print on Demand

A “Print on Demand” (POD) program for issuing new license plates is available to customers at all locations of the El Paso County Motor Vehicle Office.

When a customer registers a vehicle and requests a license plate on the POD list, they will receive a temporary registration. Plates on the POD list include styles considered “low usage” and certain other license plates such as Alumni, Group Special, Military, and Horseless Carriage. The standard Colorado green/white plate is not a POD plate.

Those interested in the Specialty Qualifying plates will need to provide a certificate as mandated by sponsors of the plate. For more information on license plates, please click here for the Colorado Department of Revenue website.

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles will mail the customer a letter with their license plate and registration receipt. The letter will instruct the customer how to activate their registration. Activation may be done online or by calling the phone number provided.

The registration is not valid and the plate may not be affixed to the vehicle until the activation is complete. The Colorado Department of Revenue then will update the customer’s vehicle registration record.

The POD program was implemented by the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles as a cost effective method to issue low usage plates only as they are requested. This reduces the amount of plates required for each County MV Office to maintain in inventory.

POD also is convenient for the customer. Previously, when a customer registered a vehicle and requested a plate style considered “low usage”, if the County MV Office did not have the plate in inventory, the customer had to return a second time to pick up the plate, or choose a different style plate that was in stock. Now, the customer simply will receive the plates requested in the mail, with the activation letter and registration receipt.

More information may be obtained on the Print on Demand page of the State’s website or by calling the State Title and Registration Section at 303-205-5608 with any questions.