Insurance Requirements

When registering a vehicle for the first time or renewing the registration on a vehicle, it is necessary to provide proof that the vehicle is covered by Colorado insurance. All motor vehicle types must have insurance to be driven on Colorado highways.

Documents used for proof of Colorado insurance must reference Colorado coverage on the document provided and may include:

  1. Current insurance card
  2. Copy of policy
  3. Letter on insurance company letterhead
  4. Faxed copy of the insurance card, binder or policy
  5. E-mail sent from the insurer
  6. Any of the above visible on your smartphone in the office at the time of registration

Types of insurance policies that are acceptable are:

  1. Vehicle specific insurance that would list the year, make, VIN and indicated coverage dates
  2. Commercial or Fleet insurance which covers all vehicles and drivers, listing the commercial entity and coverage dates
  3. Self insurance for the owner of 25 or more vehicles, that is issued by the State Commissioner
  4. Blanket or Operator insurance which covers a driver of any vehicle they operate
  5. Broad Form insurance or Owner insurance that covers all vehicles owned by a person or business. The policy is not specific to a vehicle; however, it must include one of the vehicle owner’s name/business name.

Colorado residents with a vehicle which is not operational, or is not in use for an extended period of time, should complete form DR2303, Non-Use of Vehicle, and submit it with the registration request. The “non-use” status would remain in effect for one renewal cycle or upon re-insuring the vehicle.

Colorado residents who are temporarily out of state should complete form MV056 Out of State Insurance Affidavit and submit it with the registration request. The MV056 form is ONLY available through El Paso County and cannot be accessed through the State website. The status would remain in effect for one renewal cycle or upon returning to Colorado.

For more information regarding Colorado insurance requirements, please visit the Colorado Department of Revenue website under “What do I need to register my vehicle?”