Voter Registration

Voting is our democratic right as U.S. citizens and the first step is to register to vote. Learn about the criteria to be eligible to vote on Who Can Vote. Once you have established your eligibility, register online, by form or in person. In addition, eligible voters who provide proof of citizenship will automatically be registered to vote any time they apply for or renew their driver’s license. Learn more on the Colorado Secretary of State’s Voter Registration FAQs page, under question Q8.

Information on voter registration and updating your registration is available at

It is important that registered voters keep their records up to date with their current information. All active registered voters automatically are sent a ballot in each election. The voter may not receive their ballot if their voter record has Inaccurate or out-of-date personal information.

El Paso County Election Department

Phone Fax
719-575-VOTE (8683) (719) 520-7327


Elections Department
PO Box 2007
Colorado Springs, CO 80901


A Colorado Driver’s License or ID Card Number is required to verify your identity when applying online


Refer to information on the form regarding identification required. Return the form to our office by mail, email or fax.

In Person

The County Election Department is located at the Main Office, second floor, Citizens Service Center.


Colorado allows you to register to vote through Election Day.

The timeframe when you register, though, may affect the method by which you can vote.

  • If you register to vote online at least 8 days before an election, you will be MAILED a ballot.
  • After the 8th day before an election, you must visit a Voter Service & Polling Center or our office to register and receive a ballot in person.
  • If you register to vote through a voter registration drive, your application must be submitted no later than 22 days before an election.

View and Update Your Voter Registration

Visit to update your registration online. You will need a Colorado Driver’s License or ID Card. If you are under 18 years old, or have designated your voter record as confidential, you cannot update online.

Use the paper Colorado Voter Registration Form if you cannot update your registration online. Then return it to our office (see contact information above).

Address Change

Your residence determines the precinct and districts to which you belong and subsequently the ballot you will vote.

Temporary Address/Mailing Address

To receive your ballot somewhere other than your residential address, indicate this on your voter record. For example, “snowbirds” or college students away from their county may need a temporary mailing address.

Name Change

This update may not be done online. Complete the paper Colorado Voter Registration Form and return to our office.

Party Affiliation

You may affiliate with a political party, change your affiliation, or choose unaffiliated.

Withdraw Registration

Visit the Colorado Secretary of State Withdraw My Registration for the online form. A link to the paper form is also available on this site. This form should be completed when you move out of Colorado.

Cancel Registration for Deceased Person

When a person is deceased, their name may be removed from the voter roll by a family member who sends a signed letter to the Clerk and Recorder in the county where the deceased person resided. The full name, birth date and address of the deceased should be included.

If a ballot is received for a deceased individual who resided at that location, check the deceased box on the back of the ballot packet and place in the United States Postal Service mail. This cannot be deposited into a ballot drop box. The deceased voter then will be removed from the voter rolls.