Voter Lists and Maps

Voter lists, maps, and labels are all available for purchase from the El Paso County Election Department.

The Clerk and Recorder’s Office accepts cash, check, or credit card. Refer to Payment Options.

If you would like to make a data request or have questions, please call us at (719) 575-8683 or email at

Voter Lists and Labels

Voter lists and labels will be ready for pickup no later than two business days after the request is submitted and payment is received. Request a list in person or by calling (719) 575-8683.

Pricing Voter Lists/Reports:
$25.00 per basic report
$50.00 per custom report
$1.25 for report on CD
$0.05 per each page printed (each side of a printed page equals 1 page)

Pricing Labels:
$0.02 per label plus the appropriate set-up fee
$25.00 Set-up fee for non-custom labels
$50.00 Set-up fee for custom labels
$100.00 Set-up fee for custom labels
$1.25 for labels on CD

Election Maps

Most maps are available for purchase the same day they are requested. Please call our office at (719) 575-8683 to ensure we have the map in which you’re interested.

Pricing Maps:
$5.00 Large black and white maps
$25.00 Large color maps