Unaffiliated Voters

Unaffiliated voters are eligible to vote in primary elections. In 2020 there are two Colorado primary elections.

Presidential Primary Election – March 3, 2020

Primary Election – June 30, 2020

For each primary, if you are unaffiliated, you will receive a mail ballot packet with a Democratic Party ballot and a Republican Party ballot. You may vote only one ballot.

As an alternative, you may choose a major political party preference to receive only one party’s ballot. Choosing a party preference does not affiliate you with that party. Your status remains unaffiliated.


Do you have questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact Elections Department 719-575-VOTE (8683), elections@elpasoco.com.

Unaffiliated Voters - Vote One Ballot

Follow the simple steps listed below to participate in the 2020 primary elections.

Step 1: Choose a Party Preference

If you are an unaffiliated voter, you may choose a party preference at www.GoVoteColorado.gov or visit any of the Clerk’s offices.

Please note that choosing a party preference will not change your unaffiliated status. It just lets us know which ballot to mail you.

Your party preference is deleted from your voter registration record after each primary election. For example, after the Presidential Primary, you will need to choose your party preference for the Primary in June.

You are not required to select a party preference. If you do not select a party preference by the statutory deadline for each primary, your mail ballot packet will have the Democratic Party and Republican Party ballots.

Step 2: Vote and Return One Ballot

If you did not choose a party preference, be sure to vote and return only one party’s ballot. Please destroy and discard the ballot you choose not to vote. Please note that if you vote and return both ballots, neither will be counted.

If you did choose a party preference, you will receive that party’s ballot in the mail. Vote the ballot and return.

Your ballot must be received by the Clerk and Recorder’s Office by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. Return in one of the secure 24-hour ballot drop boxes, by mail or in person. Postmarks do not count.