Your next step is to notify credit reporting agencies, governments, and your creditors (maybe even down to your utilities company) that you have been the victim of identity theft. It is recommended that you speak with the fraud or security department and follow up in writing to the billing department.

It is critical as you contact these organizations to keep good records! It is recommended to keep records of the time and date that you call, the names of people you speak with, and any correspondence you receive regarding your situation.

Regardless of your identity theft situation, contact your bank, creditors, and the three major credit reporting agencies shown below. Another resource is







Depending on your identity theft situation, you may want to contact the following:

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Identity Theft Hotline: 877-ID-Theft (877-438-4338)
Colorado State Department of Revenue (DOR) DOR Investigations Unit: 303-205-8383
Social Security Administration 800-269-0271
Internal Revenue Service 800-829-0433
U.S. Department of State (for ID Theft involving your passport) 877-487-2778
U.S. Postal Service 877-876-2455
SCAN – Shared Check Authorization Network 800-262-7771
National Check Fraud Center 843-571-2143
Certegy Check Services 800-237-3826
Telecheck 800-710-9898
CrossCheck 800-552-1900
National Fraud Information Center
(National Consumers League)
Federal Bureau of Investigation 303-629-7171 (Denver Field Office);
719-633-3852 (Colorado Springs Resident Agency)
U.S. Secret Service 303-850-2700 (Denver Field Office)
U.S. Department of Justice 202-514-2000

For victim rights advocates, you may want to contact the following:

Privacy Rights Clearing House 619-298-3396
National Council for Aging Care 877-664-6140
Colorado Bureau of Investigation 855-443-3489
24-Hour Identity Theft & Fraud Hotline

Please note that this information is not intended to be comprehensive and is for your use as a general resource.