Records and Results

2020 Presidential Primary

On this page you will find official records, documents and results for the 2020 Presidential Primary Election. You will be able to access the records as the information becomes available according to the election timeline.

For information on processing of the election results, visit the Election Results Process page.


Notice to Voters from the Colorado Secretary of State:

Presidential primary candidates John K. Delaney and Michael Bennet have submitted a withdrawal form to the Secretary of State’s Office. According to 1-4-1001(1)(c) and 1-5-412(3), C.R.S., votes cast for a candidate who submits a withdrawal form must not be counted. Thus, votes cast for these candidates in the presidential primary election must not be counted.

Refer to the Secretary of State for a list of Presidential Primary Candidates. Some of the candidates may have suspended their campaigns. Colorado statute requires that candidates submit a withdrawal form to the Secretary of State before action can be taken to withhold counting their votes.