Community Outreach

Serving the people in our community is a priority for the Clerk and Recorder’s Office. We look for avenues to “get out the word” with information that will help you understand the services that are available in our office and why they function a certain way.

Our community outreach goes into schools, organizations and businesses. We encourage interaction with the public and send staff out to help educate people so they realize the Clerk’s Office is working with them and for them.

In addition, we offer assistance to other government entities and lend support through our experience and professional staff. Collaborative efforts among counties and municipalities all are focused on providing the most efficient public service.

Recent activity in the community is shown below. If you would like our office to participate in a program or offer information, please contact Kristi Ridlen, Public Information Officer, (719) 520-6226, or

2019 Clerk’s Office Outreach

This year our Election team has participated in community events, met with organizations and set up their informational booth at our branch offices. They connect with the public in diverse settings to talk about the election process and assist voters. Here are a few highlights.

2018 Primary Election Outreach

Our team members took the “U” on the road, informing unaffiliated voters that a law change now gives them the opportunity to vote in primary elections. The UChooseCO Campaign, developed by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, was a success across Colorado. Our Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman also reached out on KRDO News Radio, Mountain Country radio and KVOR, talking about the voting process for unaffiliated voters and the Primary Election.